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Our Services

We understand it is difficult for some of our clients to come to a lab to get their blood drawn due to a number of circumstances. Whether you are a home-bound patient, lack transportation to get to a lab, or are in an assisted-living facility, at A&M Phlebotomy, our concierge phlebotomy services serve the specific needs of our clients and provide alternatives. Our services are especially helpful for children and adults with special needs.

With us, you are more than just a number or a patient on a waiting list. For those who are uninsured, we offer affordable prices for our blood drawing, mobile lab, and phlebotomy services. If you are a doctor, assisted living facility, or a nurse, we are here to help fulfill your needs in a favorable and convenient manner.


How We Contribute to Your Health

We believe that your time and convenience are important priorities. Our services will eliminate the hassle, and often the challenge, of scheduling and arranging for your blood draws. We have tailored our services to fit the need of the home-bound senior and the busy executive. At A&M Phlebotomy, you now have the option to have your blood drawn at home by a licensed and experienced professional at your convenience. No need to deal with the long lines at the laboratory or take time from your busy schedule or work. 

The Phlebotomy Process: How We Draw Blood

STEP 1: Identify the Vein – We identify the best and most visible vein to stick the needle in and draw blood. 

STEP 2: Clean the Injection Site – We use an alcohol wipe for sterilization purposes and apply a tourniquet with the patient making a fist. 


STEP 3: Inject the Needle – In a fluid motion, we inject the needle into the chosen vein. The patient’s blood sample is collected in evacuated tubes and sent to a lab for testing and results. 

STEP 4: Remove Tourniquet – We apply pressure with a cotton ball, and place a bandage over the site of injection. The blood sample will be  sent to the lab for evaluation, and results will be back to the patient as soon as possible. 

What we do and more

Concierge Services

We offer the ultimate convenience, whether the required service is for a homebound patient, long-term care, or assisted living. We also service children and professionals who are busy and on-the-go.

Mobile Lab Services

We will come to your home or office by appointment to draw your blood. Your samples will be prepared and shipped by the phlebotomist to the highest quality of labs.

Phlebotomy Services

The special needs of our clients are as individual as they are. Our phlebotomy services provide alternatives to our patients who are unable to make it into our lab. We bring our lab to your location to draw your blood, to eliminate the hassle.

Blood Drawing Services

Let us come to you to provide our blood drawing services. A&M Plebotomy believes that all patients are first. We treat each patient with the same standard of care, and test for all markers.

To get your blood drawn in a timely manner, contact us today at (954) 451-5727 to make an appointment.